The Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive is now available

The domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is now available.  This is a UK government scheme that pays financial incentives to householders who install certain renewable technologies- namely Biomass Boilers, Ground to Water and Air to Water Heat Pumps, and Solar Thermal Systems.  It works in much the same way that the Feed-In-Tariff does for Solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV) Systems, in that you are paid for generating heat with one of these technologies.  As with the Feed In Tariff there are certain criteria that need to be addressed. You can read more about this scheme, how it works and how we can help- HERE.

Earth Fuel Scotland is a fresh, innovative, MCS accredited company based in the West of Scotland which delivers turnkey Renewable Energy installations to educational, commercial and domestic clients throughout the UK. All our tradesmen are time served and fully qualified.

We install Solar Photovoltaic, and Solar Thermal Systems which are designed to address the global threat of climate change by reducing CO2 emissions, as well as Ground Source and Air Source Heat Pumps, and Biomass heating systems.

We envisage that renewable energy systems will be in operation in all buildings in the future, delivering clean power and achieving significant reductions in carbon emissions and energy bills.

We are installers of innovative and proven Renewable Energy Systems from market-leading manufacturers. We work with architects, developers, local authorities, homeowners, SME and corporate businesses to incorporate Renewable Energy Systems into the built environment and existing housing stocks, whilst providing guidance on funding, planning and development processes.

Earth Fuel Scotland is dedicated to reducing the CO2 Emissions of all clients, large or small.  Our overall aim is to provide the service, innovation and expertise behind their environmental goals.